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Fantastic place when one needs to unplug from the real world for a couple days, relax and have some fun. No better dining, gambling, live shows all together in one place anywhere else in the world.
Living: Massachusetts US
Staying: Encore
Playing: Blackjack

Ratings & Reviews

Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Las Vegas

If you golf, Wynn's course is worth every penny. Splurge, it's Vegas.



I liked the old tropical feel in the casino better than the present dark "nightclubby" decor, but it's still a great place. BLT Burger is my favorite burger joint in the city. Seen Beatles Love twice. Glad they kept the fish tank behind check-in. Dolphin habitat is a nice respite from the hectic strip but the Secret Garden is a snoozer. Kickass pool.

Ten Things

1: Encore (except oontz nightclubs)
2: Mirage volcano
3: Wynn golf
4: BLT Burger
5: Live musicians with monster chops
6: slot machine bonus rounds
7: trips outside the city (dams, horses, helecopters, rafts)
8: The old Treasure Island pirate battle
9: pool + cabana + frosty adult beverage
10: Bellagio Fountains

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