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My wife and I like to travel, but we usually don't return to the same place. That being siad, I went with her to Vegas in '07 for a conference...was expecting a good time and to be able to say "Yeah...I've been there".

Vegas blew both our minds and we feel in love with the City!

`Been there` has become an annual trip...
Living: Canada CA
Playing: Craps

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Ten Things

1: Saturday morning, 4am walk down the strip while still on Eastern time
2: 'Viva Las Vegas' playing at the Bellagio fountains
3: Craps dealers that let my wife shoot when she's just watching...they now how to keep me at the table!
4: Peering out the airplane windows at the Strip when we`re on final approach
5: Playing some slots at the IP - like my Gramma used to do
6: Buffet line passes!
7: Any and all $1 food and drink specials
8: Those mist sprayers on the patio at Paris in the midday sun
9: La Salsa Cantina in the Miracle Mile Shops...don`t ask, it`s a tradition
10: Starting to plan our next trip 20 seconds after the plane has left the ground to go home

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