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I'm not bad at handicapping college football, but only seem to make it to LV during March Madness and then get my ass kicked??
Living: Sammamish Washington US
Staying: ARIA
Playing: Craps

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Where we ALWAYS end up after watching March Madness, all of us are in some stage of inebriation. We play cards and throw dice for hours. The record is from 11:00pm to 6:00am...and Rick got us thrown out for spilling too many Jagers. Facker.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast

Another good place to chuck dice and play cards on the high min Fri/Sat nights. If we're not at the Cal, we're here in the same state of drunkeness...and probably getting worse. At least we haven't been thrown out of this place yet. Only draw back is it can be tuff to get a cab back to Planet HO-Ho at 2am

Ten Things

1: 2nd Week of March Madness!!
2: Playing craps downtown or offstrip
3: Just soakin' up the LV vibe
4: A great steak dinner with all my cronies
5: People watchin'...okay women.
6: Daddy's Disneyland
7: A Franklin, Video Poker and a Good Bartender.
8: Can't wait to teach my boy the LV ins/outs
9: 6:00am flights to make 10:00am tee times.
10: thinking about LV 24/7 as soon as I get back from a trip

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I agree with you March Madness is awesome! I rank it third behind 1. Super Bowl 2. Super Bowl ! 4. national Finals Rodeo

Shouted on Saturday, 24th January 2009 by jimmyrandolph