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Boobs, Booze & Bundles of Money!
Living: Aguanga California US
Staying: Flamingo
Playing: Craps

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The Flamingo is my 'home' CET casino. It all started as a cheap place to stay on The Strip when I was a micro-roller. Now, my bank roll has increased significantly and I still frequent the Flamingo. Even when I stay elsewhere in Vegas, I still spend a night gambling here. I've come to know, and be known, by many of the staff on the casino floor. The pool is a huge plus. We'll see this year how the switch-a-roo of pools turns out. I love the GO Rooms. I tend to spend more time in my room when I'm on solo trips (of which 75% of my trips are). Because of this, I love the ability to pipe my own tunes into the stereo (via cable and/or Airport Express) and the ability to watch my own DVDs. The showers have 'boobie-washers' which are great. Many complain about the lack of privacy with the frosted glass bathroom door, but it's never been an issue for me, even when staying in the same room with other guys. The standard rooms, on the other hand, can be disappointing. If you're used to staying in a Motel6, Holiday Inn, or the Imperial Palace, you probably won't even notice. If you have a higher level of room standard in Vegas than you do in other cities, you will be sorely disappointed. Even the Standard 'Petite Suites' leave a lot to be desired. You get more space, but it's often wasted with a lack of furniture. Overall, I recommend the Flamingo based on location, price and the pool!

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