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I chase comps and player status.
Living: Calabasas California US
Staying: Caesars Palace
Playing: Video Poker - Jacks or Better

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Whatever service issues used to be here are gone. 1.5 bathrooms at a minimum in every room. Bath crystals? You bet! TheTP sticker rocks. It's also rather close to the MB sportsbook. This would be great if MB's sportsbook wasn't stuck in the 70s..please rid of the highschool student furniture and throw in a couch or something! I have a little kid so the pool at MB is the best by far.



Everyone hates V/P so much these days it's almost embarrassing to have Palazzo listed. You know what? This is a damn good place though. True, comp offers disappeared for a few months there but they are back in full force. The "host" on duty even comped FB for me on check out. The basic rooms are very large. Smoking rooms usually have 3 ash trays. The average player here is below average so it's entertaining to watch the casino take their money. Don't bother chasing high status on the player's card unless you are a slot player. Table players don't get any love from the status system but your comps will be there (even if they refuse to give them to chuckmonster). Oh, when you do get a comp to come back it's "matchplay" not "freeplay" so always take it in slot credit and burn it on video poker for maximum player hold. Again, I really like this place even if everyone else hates it.

Ten Things

1: Good luck sir.
2: Marker, $2000!
3: Max bet!
4: Wondering casinos at 6 a.m.
5: Diamond check in.
6: Free bottles of Caesars' water in lounge.
7: Medallions Caesars' dealers wear.
8: Watching people play that don't know how to.
9: Sportsbooks! (except
10: Stealing stuff from hotels.

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Octavius or Bust!

Shouted on Thursday, 8th September 2011 by Chuckmonster