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I love the energy of Vegas. The best restaurants, clubs and shows all in one place. Actually looking forward to another 3 visits in 2015!
Living: St. Louis Missouri US
Staying: Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Playing: Blackjack

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It was wonderful to stay in this beautiful hotel my first time back to Vegas in close to 10 years. The shops were wonderful and I'm obsessed with the smell they pump into this place. Not to mention I won a good amount of money at the electronic craps machine! The only issue I have with the rooms is that being from Missouri we have casinos here as well and the rooms at the Ameristar are exactly the same as the Venetian. When I'm in Vegas I want to experience things I can't at home. I would still recommend it!

Ten Things

1: Cosmopolitan
2: Electronic Craps Tables
3: Holstein's Mexican Car Bombs and Banana Bread Beer
4: Absinthe
5: VegasTripping for supporting my addiction
6: Lavo
7: Rides at Stratosphere
8: Moscow Mule's at Vesper Bar
9: The smell they pump into the Venetian
10: Drinking all day and no one (my 4 kids) judging!

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