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My favorite escape! Logged 11 Vegas trips so far. Sure beats the casinos the next state over.
Living: Akron Ohio US
Staying: Flamingo
Playing: Any Slot Machine Will Do

Ratings & Reviews

Paris Las Vegas

Paris Las Vegas

Nice room, liked room service, cool bartender...

Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood

Liked the room and played for a long time...



Love the Go rooms...

Ten Things

1: Vodka
2: Jackpots
3: Pornslappers
4: Losing track of time
5: Fav game to play with friends...someone points out a couple, is she a girlfriend or a hooker? Everyone else votes...majority rules.
6: Room service
7: Having a VIP host
8: Nick Papageorgio
9: Vegas movies - The Hangover, Vegas Vacation, Ocean's 11 & 13
10: Cool bartenders

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Even closer than I thought. I am in Cleveland myself for school.

Shouted on Saturday, 9th October 2010 by Dramman

Welcome to VT Kelly!

Shouted on Saturday, 9th October 2010 by Chuckmonster

Great to have you along. Where in OH are you?

Shouted on Friday, 8th October 2010 by Dramman