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Vegas is the coolest place on earth. You can walk down the street with an open container of alcohol and not feel ackward. Get up at 4am drink a cup of coffee and be entertained by watching drunk people streaming out of clubs, and win money gambling the same time.
You can see some of the most incredible luxurious hotels in the world, and still get a cheap meal for under 10 bucks down just down the street. You can experience the finest spas, shopping and best entertainment in the world. If you don't gourge yourself on all her excesives you can a great time. If your not carefull she can seduce you with all her glitter, drain your energy, money and good judgement, and leave you on the curb stunned and feeling pathetic.
Living: The Ville Kentucky US
Playing: Blackjack

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Ten Things

1: Watching the Bellagio Fountains with my wife.
2: Early morning coffee at Rao's in Caesars Palace.
3: Walking the strip on a nice day.
4: Hitting a non tax slot jackpot.
5: Hitting a taxable slot Jackpot.
6: Catching a good run of cards at a Blackjack.
7: Eating a sandwich at JJ's Boulangerie inside Paris LV.
8: Hanging at the Flamingo LV pool.
9: Celine Dion show at Caesars Palace.
10: Landing at the LAS airport and seeing the strip come into view.

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