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Las Vegas is the most beautiful thing built by man.
Living: Lafayette Indiana US
Playing: Elvis

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Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget

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Golden Nugget

Ten Things

1: The view of Vegas coming from Boulder City at night.
2: The Flamingo. I love the dirty bird!!
3: Drinking Miller from a half-gallon plastic cowboy boot while walking down Fremont.
4: Neon Museum. 'Nuff said.
5: The sounds/colors/smells of... well... almost everything...
6: Screaming 'I want nothing!' at porn peddlers
7: Giving the portly cocktail waitress a $10 tip at Slots-A-Fun because I just hit $177 on a nickel machine.
8: HeeHaw slots at the Golden Nugget.
9: Using the second sink in our bathroom vanity as an ice bucket for beverages.
10: The rotating/swiveling Golden Gate sign.

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