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A great place to escape the "real world". I'm frugal (read "tightwad") and use low level gambling to help remind myself that money is a means, not an end.

Mostly follow the slot queen of the family around, and play some of them and craps if the minimum is $5 or less. Working on my nerve to play poker. Maybe THIS what I say each time I go.

Living: Austin Texas
Playing: Craps

Ratings & Reviews



Obviously not top of the barrel, the Plaza is a perfectly reasonable value The last time we stayed for 5 days and the hotel bill was less than the cost of a reasonable room in any other city. The staff seems nice. My biggest gripe is the awkward locations of valet parking and hotel registration. Until you've stayed there once, it feels like you wander aimlessly and magically (if you ride the elevator up) happen upon checkin. I figure at $25-30/ night my right to bitch is severely limited.I read lots of comments about the funny smells, but have found there is a funk-zone in nearly every downtown casino. Nothing like free fruity drinks to add to the upchuck ambience.



I stayed there a couple times. Once before the Horseshoe branding was removed. Once right after. Both times I was able to get rooms for $25-30/night. They are passable places to sleep, but I wouldn't want to spend a lot of time hanging out in them. Because Downtown is my favorite area to play, Binion's has been a fave of mine for a while. Even when they had the country trollops carting around the casino doing songs. Corny, but a fun change of pace. Frankly, this place has always felt the most like I expected from a gambling hall. Low ceilings, dark, old and wizened dealers and waitresses (like the short, big-haired woman who turns up in EVERY show on Vegas), serious craps players at all hours. The post-trollop layout changes are not my favorite, but I'll cope. Our family tradition is to go to the snak bar first thing and get one of the heaping bowls of beef stew. Now that Al (the dude in charge of the snack bar) has retired, I may have to develop a new tradition. Huzzah to Al.



The Sahara is a nice midway point for folks like me who like to putter from the strip to downtown...and wander in the desert. Last time I stayed there the rooms were fine. Al I do is sleep in them anyway. And they had a functional balcony where you could watch the buzz of the strip. It seems a decent enough place.

Ten Things

1: Binions
2: Wynn
3: Sahara
4: Golden Nugget
5: Pinball Hall of Fame
6: Marcus, one of the dealers at the Wynn
7: Main Street Station
8: Fremont Street Experience
9: Springtime desert drives
10: Ethel M's Chocolate Factory and Botanical Garden

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