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Vegas was my stomping ground. Growing up in Southern Cal was reason enough to visit Vegas on a regular basis.

I can still feel my father pressing a roll of quarters into my pre-teen palm, setting me lose in the arcade at Circus Circus.

At 14 my best friend Jhen and I cruised the bartender at the Westward Ho, our hair scrunched high with Aussie Scrunch Spray.

I still remember driving up old highway 91 to pull into town.

Vegas is in my blood, just as much as Hollywood is and it forever will be.

Living: Los Angeles California US
Staying: The D
Playing: Wild Cherry

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The glass-flower ceilings are to die for.



The Flamingo is will always have a place in my heart. It has a history unmatched in Vegas. Viva Flamingo!



Best place in downtown.

Ten Things

1: Room service.
2: The pancakes at the Terrace Point Cafe at Wynn.
3: Wynn.
4: Jacuzzi suites.
5: Room service.
6: Flamingo's history,
7: Outlet Mall on the way home.
8: The handblown glass flowers on the ceiling at Bellagio.
9: One day being able to cop a feel on one of the lions at MGM Grand.
10: Room service.

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We need to find a wave pool we can surf in Vegas.

Shouted on Tuesday, 18th October 2011 by Smelvis


Shouted on Tuesday, 18th October 2011 by coolchrissy

Shouting you out, Miss Monkay, 'cause you seem like a real nice lady!

Shouted on Wednesday, 9th February 2011 by Misnomer

We're going Feb 18-21. You guys should go!

Shouted on Wednesday, 17th February 2010 by chairmanofthebar

Thanks for all the good food reviews, it'll help take our upcoming trip to the next level :D

Shouted on Monday, 4th January 2010 by sinatrabean

Hello , liked reading your posts

Shouted on Monday, 4th January 2010 by bigpopajd3

Miss Monkay I'm looking forward to the Terrace Point Cafe because of you!

Shouted on Tuesday, 27th February 2007 by MrsRoyHorn

Miss Monkay rawks!

Shouted on Thursday, 25th January 2007 by tdinka

Hey Monkay - been a while, hasn't it? We'll rendez-vous at the Wynn real soon!

Shouted on Tuesday, 23rd January 2007 by AceCopland

Hi, I'm Steve Wynn, and this is my new hotel - it's the only one I've ever put my name on.

Shouted on Sunday, 23rd April 2006 by stevewynn

Hi Miss Monkay!

Shouted on Sunday, 23rd April 2006 by Chuckmonster