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I love the snot out of Vegas. I read stories about it daily just to keep up with the changes. I am a longtime Las Vegas Advisor subscriber and I enjoy Video Poker, especially at the ElCo's Parlour Bar, far left machine. I enjoy tiki beverages after a nice win (Frankie's, Golden Tiki) and doing coupon runs. I also enjoy well made cocktails (Laundry Room, Oak & Ivy). Basically, I like working deals, gaming or food when I visit, plus a good show or concert, and shrimp cocktails for $1.49 at 1am.
Living: Anchorage Alaska US
Staying: El Cortez
Playing: Video Poker - Bonus Poker

Ratings & Reviews

Main Street Station

Main Street Station

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Main Street Station



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Ten Things

1: VP at Boars Head Bar at MSS
2: El Cortez Cabana Suites/Parlour Bar Video Poker
3: Skyline Casino shrimp cocktail
4: FP BVP at The Palms/The Pearl
5: Frankie's Tiki Room/The Golden Tiki
6: Ellis Island
7: Rollin Smoke BBQ/Los Tacos/La Comida
8: Las Vegas Advisor
9: The Laundry Room at Commonwealth
10: Uzu Sours at The Cosmopolitan

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