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Except for one of the years I was in the Army and stationed over seas, I've stayed in Vegas at least one time each year, since I was seven years old. I'm now 64 years old and I love the town. My wife and I were married in Vegas, as was both of my kids. My wife and I both play live Hold Em' Poker and we really enjoy the game. Limit poker keeps our minds active and is affordable for seniors on a budget. (My grandkids hate it when I use the "BUDGET" word!!) We always stay and play at the Flamingto Hotel. They have the best and friendliest dealers in Vegas! These days we are at the Flamingo at least three times a year. Next year, plan is to sell our house in LA and buy a condo in Vegas!
Living: LA California US
Staying: Flamingo
Playing: Poker - Hold'em

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Ten Things

1: Playing Texas Hold Em' in the Flamingo Poker Room.
2: Staying at the Flamingo Hotel
3: The "Ultimate Margarita" at Margaritaville
4: Seeing the "Jersey Boys" in Vegas
5: The ease of getting into and out of the Vegas airport.
6: The Range Steak House at Harrah's on the strip.
7: The fish buffet at the Rio.
8: Getting shit faced at the O'Shea's bar, a rowdy crowd.
9: Playing poker at Binions's on Sunday mornings.
10: Bowling sweeps at the Gold Coast Hotel

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