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mmmmmm Vegasy
Living: Calgary Alberta CA
Staying: Mandalay Bay
Playing: I'll Bet on Anything That Moves

Ratings & Reviews



Great pools, average rooms, easy on the wallet

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace

Never stayed but love the casino, always vibrant and loud

The Linq Hotel and Casino

The Linq Hotel and Casino

Best value, I never sleep anyway so i don't need a great room, casino is cool, always fun, I met Ron Jeremy there (the Hedgehog, you know the porn star with the big..... mind?)



Not a bad place, good local, cheap like dirty water, right beside the best cheapest beer in town (Casino Royale), I'd go back



Nice hotel, good casino, just a little out of the way of everything still. Maybe once the strip grows, it'll do better, but I'd stay there again

Golden Gate

Golden Gate

My first hotel, back when I was a Vegas Virgin. Paid $15 a nite for it, looked right out just under the Freemont Puppet Show. We didn't know what was going on when it started, I was asleep and thought the world was ending. Nice room, cheap, good location if yer into old skool.

Ten Things

1: They never give me last call
2: The food
3: The golf
4: The fact it isn't here (calgary)
5: The people are great
6: did I mention never ending beer
7: gambling - opps I mean gaming
8: strip clubs are the best
9: Always something/someone to laugh at
10: good times with my friends

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Under 100 days1!!!!!!!!!!!

Shouted on Saturday, 11th May 2013 by donnymac66

Less than 90 days dingus!!!!

Shouted on Saturday, 11th May 2013 by donnymac66

Less than a week!!!

Shouted on Saturday, 11th May 2013 by vespajet

Get some good use out of the Mojo this weekend!!

Shouted on Thursday, 30th September 2010 by jinx73

First round at Casino Royale on you!

Shouted on Thursday, 30th September 2010 by donnymac66

2 days Dingus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shouted on Wednesday, 29th September 2010 by donnymac66

Are you wearing underwear today?

Shouted on Wednesday, 29th September 2010 by mac78130

90 days Dingus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shouted on Friday, 2nd July 2010 by donnymac66

How bout now?

Shouted on Sunday, 2nd May 2010 by donnymac66

You bums better not drink Vegas dry before I get out there. Although if y'all wish to drink up all of the PBR in the Greater Las Vegas Valley, go right ahead........

Shouted on Wednesday, 14th April 2010 by vespajet


Shouted on Friday, 2nd April 2010 by donnymac66

Hey I might be down here in the humidity, but I think I'd rather be up there in the snow. At least when it's cold you can put on extra clothes and get warm. When you're hot, you're hot, and sweaty and the only thing you can do is take off your clothes and even then you're still hot. It sucks down here. Mosquitos, flying roaches, ANTS!

Shouted on Tuesday, 12th January 2010 by RockChickX51