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Vegas means a lot to me. I spend much of my time in the Valley, so much so that I consider it my second home. Though I enjoy a good time at the tables, I enjoy just as much exploring the town. Taking in the history, seeing the old blocks and talking with those that know how the town "used to be" is one of my favorite things to do.

Likewise, I love tracking the constant change that is Vegas. Seeing the new sites, exploring new buildings, new restaurants, and new clubs. With each passing day, the town reinvents itself, making it a truly unique place.

I have a brain full of silly facts about this town and have put it to use at my twitter page (@vegasfunfacts). Stop by and say hello next time you're cruising twitter. I look forward to using Vegas Tripping more as well. It is one of the best Vegas sources on the web.
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