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I spend most of my waking hours researching Vegas to keep my website, alive and up to date. The rest of the time, I create custom maps and 2d renderings for my many clients. Sometimes I eat and sleep too.
Living: Las Vegas Nevada US
Playing: Any Slot Machine Will Do

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Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget

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Golden Nugget

Ten Things

1: It's big and weird
2: You can be someone else (if you're into that)
3: architecture
4: construction and future resorts
5: food
6: warm nights
7: slots
8: I love the desert
9: the nostalgia (what's left of it)
10: people watching at its best

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Hi just new to this link. Already went on to your link and sent it to friends . Good for you very interesting ! will be going to Vegas this wed.July 23 Can't wait the place has something for everyone! Love the shows fine foods and the buildings. People watching and talking is the best!!! Good luck on your link shout outs welcome thanks!!!

Shouted on Saturday, 19th July 2008 by OhioMarilyn

Hi...I'm Steve Wynn and this is my ShoutOut to you. It's the only one I've ever signed my name to...

Shouted on Saturday, 19th July 2008 by stevewynn

Thanks for the entertaining and educational website! Lots of cool stats! You can thank VT for turning me on to it.

Shouted on Saturday, 19th July 2008 by RockVegas