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I could go to Vegas once every few months & never be sick of it, because it's completely different from home. I love the sights & sounds, the beautiful casino/hotels, range of shopping, food, people-watching & variety of things to do. It's just a fun place to be to get away from it all :)
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Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace

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Caesars Palace

Green Valley Ranch

Green Valley Ranch

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Green Valley Ranch

Ten Things

1: Ellen, massage therapist in Jonric Salon @ Sam's Town, she's the BEST!
2: Rio Suites Carnival World Buffet (these are hubby's faves too)
3: Las Vegas Outlet Center on the very south end of the Strip
4: Guitar Center @ the Town Center
5: Sephora @ the Town Center
6: Buffets in general
7: Vegas Climate
8: Venetian (except for the horrid smell they use inside now)
9: Vegas lights
10: Bellagio Conservatory

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