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Living: Compton California US
Playing: Blackjack

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Ten Things

1: Watching The Bellagio Waters with my wife from a Penthouse Suite at The Bellagio
2: Quark's Bar and Grill (sadly gone)
3: The Mac and Cheese at Le Artists' Steakhouse (sadly gone)
4: The Egyptian theme at The Luxor (sadly gone)
5: The cocktail waitress outfits at The Venetian (sadly gone)
6: Cheap suites at The New Frontier (sadly gone)
7: Caesar's Magical Empire (sadly gone)
8: The Ho Dog (sadly gone)
9: The Star Trek Museum at The Hilton (sadly gone)
10: Seeing The Plaza tower over Fremont Street (sadly, blocked by the FMSE)

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can i borrow a pen?

Shouted on Tuesday, 19th April 2011 by Chuckmonster

Hi Brian!

Shouted on Monday, 28th March 2011 by jinx73