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Vegas is my escape and the best place to rediscover myself and what I love about amazing food.
Living: Colorado Springs Colorado US
Playing: Any Slot Machine Will Do

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Paris Las Vegas

Paris Las Vegas

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Paris Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

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Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Ten Things

1: See the plaque for the Sands at The Venetian
2: Say hello to Dino & Frank's stars
3: Mon Ami Gabi for Frangria & bathroom French lessons
4: Bettie Paige store for something/anything
5: Collect massive amount of porn slapper cards to give to friends in front of family
6: Large pineapple drink by the pool
7: Spend an obscene amount of money on an amazing dinner
8: Call a celebrity by the wrong name
9: Not make one. Single. Hangover reference
10: Red Rock Canyon at dawn

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"I dreamt last night I ate a 15lb marshmallow. Woke up and couldn't find my pillow." - Dean Martin

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