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The canal and shopping area of the Venetian are so over the top, it could only be Vegas.

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For Restaurants, I usually stick with the buffet of buffets special (all you can eat in 24 hours). However, MrsDoopey and I are big mexican food fanatics, and Pink Taco at the Hard Rock Hotel and Isla at Treasure Island are the best for Mexican. Other than that, we avoid the pricier places. Ellis Island has the most bang for your buck with a big steak dinner (including a beer) for under $10. However, you do have to wait in line a loooooong time. Being new to their Casino, I didn't mind waiting. Did it once, liked it, probably wouldn't do it again.

Shouted on Thursday, 12th April 2012 by mrdoopey

Shouting out to a fellow Canadian!! How's it goin' eh?

Shouted on Thursday, 12th April 2012 by mrdoopey