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First time I was in Vegas I was flying home out of LAS after a backpacking trip in Zion. We got to Vegas 3 hours before the flight so we drive down The Strip. It took forever which was great because it allowed me to take in all the craziness that is Vegas. (Like thinking "It's legal to drink in public here, sweet!")

Next time flew in/out of Vegas for a Southwestern US road trip. Convinced the wife to spend a night in MGM. We walked The Strip to see the fountains, saw the lions, gambled a little and drank a lot (for free, what a deal or so I thought) and then decided to get tickets to Pavlik vs. Taylor. And I was hooked...
Living: Baltimore Maryland US
Staying: Wynn Las Vegas
Playing: Blackjack

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Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Love the balcony overlooking the fountain. Just a great place to take a nap mid afternoon before rallying out for the evening again.

Ten Things

1: Walking The Strip in the morning. You get to watch all the people on all night benders and the club crew stumble around. Just great people watching.
2: A hot craps table before breakfast.
3: The thrill of knowing you should double down on both sides of a split, but yet you are unsure to pull the trigger because it seems like so much money on the table at once.
4: At the pool with sunglasses on enjoying the talent.
5: A friendly and fast cocktail waitress.
6: The mindless fun of the roulette wheel.
7: Secret Pizza at Cosmo to soak up some of the booze.
8: Did I mention the free booze?
9: Seeing a fight live instead of on PPV.
10: The buzz on the plane when you start the descent into LAS.

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