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An adult Disney World where it hardly ever rains. Leave your kids at home and walk left stand right on the escalators dammit.
Living: Berkeley on the Isthmus

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Ten Things

1: Encore Tower Suite & Wynn Tower Suite pool deck.
2: Presidential Limo
3: Aria - right up there with Wynn, just a lower class of riff raff.
4: Casino Royale - gambling with the people of Wal Mart.
5: Tropicana - love the place, comfortable like back home.
6: Mandarin Bar - $20 martinis and a view. Love it.
7: Japonaise at Mirage - always go there at least once.
8: Tram between Mirage & TI - like Adventureland at Disney,
9: Game we play - Just up or still up?
10: Other game - working or not?

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