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Love it when I win, sucks when I lose! I waited way too long to see the natural wonders around Vegas. Make time to see Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, etc. I will be living there before I get too damn old!
Living: Columbus Ohio
Staying: Vdara
Playing: I'll Bet on Anything That Moves

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Ten Things

1: Red Rock Canyon
2: Bellagio (fountains)
3: Bellagio (conservatory)
4: Hitting a jackpot on the first pull!
5: Food!
6: walking from M.B. to C.C. and back (cabs suck)
7: people watching
8: Donating to the old joints. Some deserve to be gone, some don't:(
9: Fremont st.
10: off strip joints like Suncoast , R.Rock, M, South Point, etc. Movies and bowling are great when you are low on dough!

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