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I love vegas. I lived in Denver Co. and my bro lived in Cali so we would make a couple trips to vegas to meet up. (good times) My brother was shot down in Iraq during 07 so I make the trip with a couple of guys every year to celebrate his life, brings back good memories and creates new ones.
Living: Kennewick Washington US
Playing: Craps

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Golden Gate

Golden Gate

World famous Shrimp Cocktail hands down the best deal in vegas.

Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget

Love the Nug. One of the cleaner places on Fremont Street. Yea it's all up dated but they still have the history. Plus the tables pay well. I give it a solid hard eight!!!

Green Valley Ranch

Green Valley Ranch

They know how to treat a customer, every one was actually friendly

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shout out to you and the memory of your brother hardways. i'll be sure to throw down a toast in celebration of him and your posse next trip. take care!

Shouted on Thursday, 10th April 2008 by Chuckmonster