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Living: HONOLULU Hawaii US
Playing: Craps

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5 since they give us Hawaiians freebies, along with the rest of the down trodden.

Main Street Station

Main Street Station

20X odds on craps. 777 brew pub.



Old skool. Ghosts of the past lurking everywhere.

MGM Grand

MGM Grand

Bigger than anything, cant find my arse from a hole in the ground here. But still a must stop in at every trip. Hell if I know why.

Ten Things

1: 2 way yo's
2: Japonais
3: MSS 20X Odds!
4: TheCal - Ox Tail Soup, Baby!
5: Big Elvis
6: Strip Crawls
7: Fremont Street - Why? Like I Know!
8: The Golden Nugget
9: Pinball Hall Of Fame
10: Strip Lights

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Helloha Hawaiianmark! Big shout out to the hawaiian VT posse!

Shouted on Wednesday, 16th January 2008 by Chuckmonster

Good luck on your upcoming trip!!

Shouted on Thursday, 2nd November 2006 by krazyk

Hi, I'm Steve Wynn and this is my new hotel. It's the ONLY one i've ever put my name on.

Shouted on Friday, 20th October 2006 by stevewynn