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I find Vegas chaotic, and I love how it allows me to escape in solitude to the chaos. The abundance of things to do at all hours of the day are a big positive in my choice of Vegas as a destination.

Since many of my trips are solo, I find it a great escape in that room rates are cheap or comped when you have some play history and the ability to walk just about anywhere you want to go is an important aspect of the trip for me.
Living: Anytown Ohio US
Staying: The D
Playing: I'll Bet on Anything That Moves

Ratings & Reviews

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace

There's a lot to not like about Caesars, their corporate parent seems hell bent on running the place down. Some of the towers are old and worn, and the odds on some of the floor games are atrocious. Despite these flaws though, there is still a strong foundation of employees here who deliver great service and understand the 'old school' way of taking care of customers. If you are in one of the newer towers too, the rooms are very nice and the dining, spa, and pool options are all top notch for a mid-strip property.

MGM Grand

MGM Grand

MGM grows on me more as I stay at other resorts, there is just something being done right here and I can't put my finger on it, it's a huge mass of restaurants, casino floor, and entertainment, but somehow it all works. The restaurant offerings are top notch and the casino floor is big enough for you to find an isolated spot if you want even as the clubs are fueling up and the floor has 10k people on it. In many ways MGM is the Vegas that everyone markets, but like the Wizard of Oz once you stay here, it's easy to see behind the curtain and see that the marketing hype is just that, which lets you enjoy the place for what it is, and escape from the normal.

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

One of the best drink service casinos on the strip. Strong variety of booze, and available at all levels. Waitresses are prompt and easy on the eyes, along with much of the clientele.

Paris Las Vegas

Paris Las Vegas

My favorite mid-tier property on the strip, although Caesars considers it a higher end property. Great customer service from hotel and casino staff. Floor is lively at night with live music in the lounge and Party Pit.

The D

The D

Extremely solid property, every time I visit, service is top notch. I wouldn't mind if they lowered the music level on the casino floor by a mark or two, given the floor space is fairly small, the noise can be a bit overwhelming. I get the affect they are trying to go for though.

Ten Things

1: Regular tipping goes along way
2: Vegas deals still exist, you just have to be a bit more diligent in finding them.
3: Rhumbar, the best place on the strip to chill out for a drink and have a cigar, great staff and location makes for a lot of walkin traffic.
4: Bellagio and Caesars, my two favorite hotels to stay in (so far)
5: Cosmopolitan Las Vegas drink service
6: Mojito days!
7: MGM's Rouge. My favorite place to play VP, intimate bar, low lighting, not overly pretentious, very laid back
8: The MGM West Wing rooms for a solo trip. Great access to the strip, Great beds, the room is small but for one it's a nice setup.
9: Mississippi Stud, the crack cocaine of gambling.
10: Karaoke, if you want to know something about Karaoke in Las Vegas, I'm the guy to ask.

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