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My first trip to Vegas was in the late 80's as a teenager. My grandparents lived in San Diego & my dad would take my sister and I down there on vacation. We would always leave for Vegas in the middle of the night? I remember that long horrible drive. We would stay at the Westward Ho or when my family was high rollin the Riviera or IP! My family would strand us in the room at night. Little did they know my sister and I were walking the strip, laughing at hookers, and trying to get booze. My family then moved up to ti when it opened and I got married there in 2000. Ive been to Vegas sooo many times. Ive stayed at Rio, Palazzo, Mirage, New York, New York, Fiesta, Tropicana, Hilton. Mirage is my main fav especially with the new rooms. During the day you will find me drinking, shopping, & eating in full gluttony mode and if its summer chillin at the pool scopin out the skanks. At night I gamble downtown. Craps at Binions and Blackjack at 4 Queens.
Living: SANTA CLARA California US
Playing: Craps

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Four Queens

Four Queens

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Four Queens



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Ten Things

1: People Watching
2: Skanks
3: Mirage
4: Craps @ Binions
5: Blackjack @ 4 Queens
6: Walkin the strip with a good buzz at night
7: Skanks
8: Staying up until 4 am
9: Searching for Drink Specials
10: Skanks

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