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Love Vegas for what it is and how it makes me feel. The Vibe - nothing I can experience anywhere else. Have gone 4 times in last 2 years...first time was in 1995 - to say a lot has changed is understatement of the decade.
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MGM Grand

MGM Grand

Have numerous times in the past - it is Very large and rooms are decent. Many times can get good prices. The food and beverage selection is great...This is where I stayed for my first trip in 1995 - so it has sentimental value. But it not even close to the same place...thankfully!

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Love the bars and restaurants - have not stayed here yet, but certainly want to soon! Can you say Verbena? Secret Pizza and China Poblano are must stops when in town.

Ten Things

1: Aria
2: BurGR
3: Pizza Rock
4: The Strip - Walking and Observing
5: Drinking
6: Eating
7: Hyde Bar - afternoon to watch fountains and enjoy Drinks!
8: 3535 Bar in Liinq - some of the best cocktails
9: Secret Pizza
10: These are in no particular order...BTW

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