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First trip to Mecca was in 2000. My wife (before we were married) and I decided that for our last college spring break we'd do it up right and head to Vegas. With only $500 for 5 days we ended up having a blast.

Two years ago I decided to go again and since then have gone 3 more times. My buddy and I now are getting close to the 2nd annual Jackassery trip. Basically he and I go down for 2 or 3 nights, play as much blackjack, drink as much Jack and Coke and eat as much red meat as we can.

Man, I love Vegas!!!
Living: Belgrade Montana US
Playing: Blackjack

Ratings & Reviews

The Linq Hotel and Casino

The Linq Hotel and Casino

Stayed here a couple times. Cheap and mid-strip. Can be a fun place with decent cocktail service. Only place I've eaten is the cafe and it was only ok.

Ten Things

1: Blackjack
2: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
3: Beer for breakfast, no one looks at me weird.
4: Buffets
5: Cocktail waitresses (love those outfits)
6: Tacky, but in a good way.
7: Daiquiri Dash - Read the Las Vegas Little Black Book
8: Beautiful people wearing next to nothing
9: Comps
10: Its not work!!!

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