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Follow me into the desert
as thirsty as you are
crack a smile & cut your mouth
and drown in alcohol

"burden in my Hand"
Living: Fort Mill South Carolina US
Playing: Craps

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Ten Things

1: Lucky enough to have stayed at the Stardust before its unnecessary demise.
2: Walking the strip from North to south one afternoon with my friend Chris
3: Making the same walk at night, with a small detour down Tropicana Blvd all the way to Paradise Blvd...whoops
4: turning $20 to $240 on 50-hand video poker at Terribles on my last day.
5: Seeing the Monet exhibit at Bellagio
6: winning $200 at 3 card poker and another $200 at craps later that night
7: 2nd best steak ever at Emeril's Delmonico
8: Seeing George Carlin in 2005 at Stardust - funniest man ever.
9: The side trip to the In N Out burger on the other side of I-15
10: Looking forward to a triumphant return and seeing Fontainbleu and Encore, and not really caring too much about city centre.

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Stardust ruled!

Shouted on Monday, 13th April 2009 by krazyk