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I work for a University as an administrative assistant. I am single and travel to Vegas alone. Before my first solo trip to Las Vegas I felt bad about travelliing alone, but I don't anymore. I selfishly enjoy doing what I want, when I want to do it. The only thing I miss is eating with someone. I usually come to Vegas twice a year and stay 5 days. But, I am now trying to come up with a plan to stay a little longer because I never have enough time.
Living: Sheffield Lake Ohio US
Playing: Video Poker - Bonus Poker

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I am always lucky at the Orleans so I always go back. I don't like the rooms because I didn't like hanging my clothes in the bathroom and I prefer to have a safe in my room. The lights were not very bright in the bathroom or at the table in the room where I put on my makeup

Ten Things

1: Video Poker
2: Sitting at a bartop playing video poker
3: Down Town
4: The Wynn
5: The Orleans
6: Large soaking tubs in my room
7: Walking on the strip
8: Visiting all the different casinos

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