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I first came to Las Vegas in 1952 with my Dad, who operated a bingo parlor back east. He used to go to bed with me and then sneak out at night and shoot the dice at the Flamingo and the Sands. I moved to Las Vegas in 1967 when I bought into the New Frontier casino. Eventually I parleyed my small stake into buying a strip of land adjacent to Caesars Palace from Howard Hughes. Caesars bought me out and I reinvested that money in the Golden Nugget downtown. The Nug flourished in Vegas, Atlantic City and Laughlin - giving me enough capital to build Mirage, Treasure Island and eventually Bellagio. The fuckers at MGM took over Mirage Resorts in 2000 and I was forced out. I immediately bought the Desert Inn for a song, and built Wynn Las Vegas. Wynn Las Vegas opened in 2005 to rave reviews and great business followed by Wynn Macau, Encore Las Vegas and Encore Macau. Thats my story.
Living: Las Vegas Nevada US
Playing: I'll Bet on Anything That Moves

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This is - by far - the most beautiful resort I've ever built. It's a fact, God told me so.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Mirage's sister property, Treasure Island was originally intended to be a more family-oriented destination than any other resort I had previously built. Unfortunately, it's been bastardized by the company that took my company from me.



The opening of the Mirage in 1989 signaled a change in all resorts in Las Vegas. Gone were cheap eats, lousy entertainment and cheap rooms. We offered a higher standard of luxury, but still affordable to the family traveler.



When I built Bellagio in 1998 it was the state of the art in upscale luxury resorts. The gorgeous decor to the expansive and plush rooms put a brand new face on the Las Vegas experience and once again set the standard for a casino resort.

Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget

I bought the Golden Nugget in the late 1970s and transformed it from a downtown also ran to a 5 diamond resort... eventually I expanded the Golden Nugget brand to Laughlin, NV and Atlantic City, NJ. What a shame how its changed.

New Frontier (Plaza Las Vegas)

New Frontier (Plaza Las Vegas)

I used to have a couple of points here back when I had a mustache. What a dump.

Ten Things

1: Encore.
2: Wynn Las Vegas - nuff said.
3: Lari Pittman
4: The New Frontier back in the old days... you had to be there
5: Sinatra's Vegan Menu
6: Andrea's Bottom
7: The baccarat numbers at WLV
8: Tile mosaic flooring
9: My friend Ron Popeil. I love that guy.
10: Roger Thomas' glasses. What a pimp.

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Nice cement pond you are going to build!

Shouted on Friday, 13th May 2016 by donnymac66

Much respect, and I loved my stay at the Encore last November!

Shouted on Monday, 1st December 2014 by dubisaweapon


Shouted on Friday, 13th May 2011 by atdleft

Steve Wynn is a Genious! Wish there were more like him!

Shouted on Friday, 13th May 2011 by Sara8284

Let's just get this straight: I'm the world famous deal maker and businessman; you're THE hotel developer. Congrats with Encore, and remember, no hard feelings.

Shouted on Sunday, 25th January 2009 by KirkKerkorian

YO Steve! Hoping to get by your places Super Bowl week end!

Shouted on Saturday, 24th January 2009 by jimmyrandolph

Remember me? I'm the guy who snagged Mirage resorts from you.

Shouted on Saturday, 24th January 2009 by KirkKerkorian

So tell me Steve- why should I choose Tryst as my main event Saturday night? Other than Tao has annoyed me now & Tryst is one club I have never been to? hehe Martini Mike wants to share the love with Wynn. Can someone contact me about bottle service or guest list or something? Email through Thanks! -Michael "Martini Mike" D'Arco, writer at large

Shouted on Friday, 25th July 2008 by MartiniMike

Hi Steve, Looking forward to visiting Encore. Can you say Opulent?

Shouted on Thursday, 17th July 2008 by caesar1st

You are the man Steve. Be my friend? -Martini Mike

Shouted on Wednesday, 16th July 2008 by MartiniMike

Visited your hotel two weeks ago, first time I've ever been in it and it was beautiful! Out of my price range of course but very very nice and I actually won money there (unlike the Bellagio). :-) Maybe one day I'll be able to get a room there for a night. (I spend less money on hotel rooms so I can spend more money on other things.)

Shouted on Tuesday, 27th May 2008 by RockChickX51

Yo Steve - I was just listening to one of the podcast interviews of you with Steve Friess at The Strip Podcast show. You mentioned that Picasso was know for using cheap canvas for his paintings and that is why it is so easy to puncture a Picasso. "Cheap canvas" in Wynn Las Vegas? I trust nothing else at Wynn Las Vegas is made with such cheap materials. John

Shouted on Saturday, 8th March 2008 by jpkvtripping

Hi Steve - I grew up near AC (a town called Wildwood,NJ). I would watch all your commercials re: Golden Nugget and thought you had what it took to be successful - you showed such charisma. I grew up wanting to meet you and to be successful like you. It has been unbelievable to watch you build so many incredible casinos. I recently got to visit the Wynn casino for the first time and thought it was amazing - awesome warm vibe. In April I look forward to taking my mom there to see it for herself. I am sure she will be blown away. She always said you were a good person to your staff and guests (You were always in the AC Press). I think you just out do yourself with each new casino. I hope to stay there soon to experience the rooms and food I read about so often. Congrats on a great career and building a phenomenal legacy!

Shouted on Saturday, 8th March 2008 by KarenK

I can't wait for Encore!!!!

Shouted on Saturday, 8th March 2008 by krazyk

Hi Steve! One day, I hope to save up enough $$$$ to afford to stay at your place when I come to Vegas. In the meantime, I'll just admire from afar.

Shouted on Friday, 9th November 2007 by RockVegas

"Hello, I'm stevewynn, and welcome to our profile. Our profile, like other profiles, contains a collection of shoutouts, favorite hotels, and even a top 10 list. But we've also hidden a few surprises. Go on, find the surprises, and enjoy."

Shouted on Friday, 9th November 2007 by MinVegas

Had my 40th birthday at SW. It was a totally memorable dining experience. The room, service and food were unbelievably good. Going to Vegas at the end of March and am looking forward to trying another restaurant at Wynn.

Shouted on Friday, 9th November 2007 by donnymac66

Hey there, Steve, I am looking forward to staying at your hotel in April I'm going to do my best high roller impersonation.

Shouted on Friday, 9th November 2007 by MrsRoyHorn

i visited the wynn last june and i loved it. i will be in vegas in 17 days but i am already planning another trip to vegas and i plan to stay at wynn las vegas very elegant and comfertable

Shouted on Friday, 20th October 2006 by cvegasgirl

Thanks Steve, but I believe you're misquoting your own commercial... "I'm Steve Wynn and this is my new hotel. The only one I've ever signed my name to..." Sorry, sometimes even billionaires need a little humbling once in a while. P.S. It was great meeting you on January 9th outside your villa. Maybe we can do it again sometime.

Shouted on Saturday, 29th April 2006 by MikeE

Great job on Wynn Las Vegas Steve... can't wait for Encore!

Shouted on Thursday, 20th April 2006 by Chuckmonster