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OMIGD. Who thought it could get better than Wynn. Well, this is amazing, beautiful, the best of the best design, suites.The only thing is I'm not sure of the restaurants. Switch was silly, and I don't remember what I ate.Sinatra was very good, but the atmosphere was too reserved, and very expensive. (SW steakhouse looks inexpensive next to this).Saw Danny Gans again a year ago and he was terrible. The most current thing he did was George Burns. My 20 something kids wanted to walk out. Steve should watch him again, he's dated and seems his voice sounds worn out.I know The Reve has been redone, but seeing it 4 years ago, I didn't like it, and we've seen all the circ's but Ka and love all. I think Wynn is still in search of their entertainment.



The newly remodeled rooms are very nice-except if you're allergic to the bleach they use on the sheets. My skin started burning shortly after getting into bed, and as welts appeared I called for 2 blankets to sleep on. My friend had a lesser reaction.Now I know to look at all room pictures, and see if they have white sheets. The likelyhood of this same problem will be there.

Ten Things

1: blackjack
2: The Wynn suites
3: SW steakhouse
4: Rusty the southwest skycap

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