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Living: Houston Texas US
Staying: Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Playing: Video Poker - Dueces Wild

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Paris Las Vegas

Paris Las Vegas

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Paris Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

texdan has yet to review
Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Ten Things

1: Bellagio early morning...gambling in silence with a cig and coffee
2: Breakfast at Bouchon
3: Human Nature (but I miss the large boozey drinks from IP)
4: Paris early morning...gambling and watching drunken stumbles on the faux-cobblestone
5: Playing slots while drinking Cosmos at the Cosmo with the wifey
6: Shopping and getting lost at the Forum Shoppes
7: Bellagio pool
8: Fried twinkie from Mermaids
9: Popovich Pet Theater (shut it)
10: Tipping the waitress 5 bucks for the first round in the penny slots and having a personal server all night

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