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Living: Virginia US
Staying: Golden Gate
Playing: Blackjack

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Stayed here for my 10th anniversary, great place to take the wife. Like playing the $5 Handicapped table(s), even if it is a CSM.

Golden Gate

Golden Gate

Always have fun with the dealers here, they really make the place shine. Plus, I got to play BJ with a John Glenn look alike!



It's CET - It's a room, it was free.

Ten Things

1: Fireball!
2: Pai Gow Tiles, enough said, Lo Fan
3: Cirque shows - if you don't mind no plot, the acrobatics are cool
4: Downtown LV!
5: Derek J Stevens
6: Food I can't get at home
7: Lots of nature stuff within a few hours!
8: Golden Gate - Good Blackjack and Craps and #5!
9: Banger Brewing
10: Pizza Rock - just for the bartender with purple hair.

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Cinnabons and Michelobs. Sounds a lot like my wedding reception.

Shouted on Friday, 14th September 2012 by Misnomer

I will expect to see that permission slipped signed by a responsible adult!

Shouted on Thursday, 13th September 2012 by Dave702