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I love to gamble, drink, look at pretty women, eat like a pig, get free crap, and tacky stuff.

Gee, do you think Vegas is the place for me?
Living: Racine Wisconsin US
Staying: Flamingo
Playing: Craps

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Four Queens

Four Queens

Nice for downtown...but didn't wow me.

Ten Things

1: nothing ever closes.
2: free junk you no longer want when you get home.
3: crabby old ladies playing keno machines
4: people who look like they are in the mob.
5: the mob.
6: weird clothes people wear. Ex:sweaters with dice sewn on)
7: buffets!
8: hot, hot, hot
9: playing craps, a lot
10: free booze

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i haven;t tried my luck on craps yet but i'm gonna have to on my next trip i hear the odds are good and it looks like a very exiting game to play. i play A LOT of black jack and although the odds suck i really like roulette

Shouted on Monday, 11th September 2006 by cvegasgirl